Our Experience

Our clients are varied - from Big Four consultancies to engineering shops to tech companies. But whoever the client, whatever their need, we help them tell their story in a unique and powerful way. Here's some of our recent work.

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Sky Energy Consulting was already a highly successful company - but was about to embark on a new chapter in its growth.


Euston led a comprehensive re-branding effort that included a new name - Kaihen, which means 'change' or 'innovation' in Japanese - and visual identity. Working with our design partner, Swerve Design, we developed content for a new set of company collateral and a brand-new website, www.kaihen.ca

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KPMG relies on powerful, leading-edge content to position itself as one of the world's top business advisory firms. At Euston, there's nothing we enjoy more than taking on new ideas and helping establish our clients' credentials.  


Working with KPMG's telecommunications team, we developed a series of articles that were published in "The Mobile Evolution". We tackled topics as diverse as self-driving cars to the impact that mobile technologies are having on digital media.  

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Hatch is one of the world's leading engineering, project and construction management firms. Its projects - in mining, energy and infrastructure - represent capital expenditures in the tens of billions of dollars, and span the globe. 

Euston worked with Hatch to develop "This is Hatch" - its annual review of the biggest and boldest projects in Hatch's portfolio. With powerful photos and captivating text, these complex projects were celebrated and brought to life.  

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As one of Canada's largest law firms, McMillan offers a wide range of services to its corporate and institutional clients - from competition and anti-trust, to government and public policy, to white collar defense. 


When the company refreshed its brand recently, it also decided to completely revamp its website. Euston worked with McMillan's marketing team - and many of its partners - to create compelling new content that would continue to position the firm as a powerful force in global legal circles.

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Sometimes, we get an assignment that's extra-special because it's about something we love. And one thing we love - a lot - is beautiful, iconic watches.  


We teamed up with Pursuit - a Canadian lifestyle magazine - to explore the provenance of the Rolex Milgauss. We had high hopes that the team back in Switzerland may catch wind of our glowing testimonial and send us one in gratitude - but we're still waiting. (No hard feelings!)

If you're curious about this history of this timepiece, you can read the article here

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How has the proliferation of social media impacted the financial services industry? We tackled that subject in a series of articles written for KPMG's "Social Banker 2.0" collection.

Interviewing both KPMG thought leaders and clients from around the world, we looked at how social media is helping entrepreneurs find new routes to investment through crowdfunding, to how an Indian bank is using gamification to connect better with customers and prospects.